Fuel Oil Delivery

Affron Fuel Oil Inc. provides residential and commercial fuel oil delivery, available on a will call or automatic delivery basis.

24-Hour Heater & Air Conditioning Service & Repair

For the convenience of our valued clients, Affron Fuel Oil Inc. offers service and repair of residential and commercial heat and air conditioning systems.

Burner Service Contracts

Service contracts cover parts replacement and labor 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Annual Servicing is included in the contract price.

Price Cap

Price cap Plan This plan offers you a price not to exceed the cap price of oil for the duration of the contract period. If our posted price falls below the cap price of oil you will be billed at the lower rate. All deliveries will be made on an automatic delivery basis. Any discounts are applied to the posted price only.

All qualified new customers will receive a free Price Cap contract as a sign in bonus ($195.00 Value).


Pre Pay Plan This plan offers you the option of purchasing your oil for the upcoming heating season at a specified price. A minimum purchase of 600 gallons is required and any oil not delivered by the end of the heating season will be either refunded or applied to future purchases.

Budget Plans

A yearly budget plan is available to spread out the cost of your yearly fuel expenses in an affordable monthly payment. A budget booklet will be provided.